Paintball Games; Paintball Rides in Puncak Bogor West Java

Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – Playground for Paintball at Puncak, the Paintball Vehicle located in the Evergreen Complex area is one of the Largest Paintball Playgrounds located in Puncak, Bogor, West Java, Indonesia, this war simulation playing arena offers the sensation of a guerrilla themed Paintball Game with a natural feel like a jungle.

As for what is meant by guerrilla is a method of fighting carried out in an open area like in a wilderness with a very fast method of movement, proper communication and maneuvering swiftly from one place to the coordinate point, now in that arena there are also several defensive barricades located in The setting is like a real battlefield, Sob, a placement that will add to the excitement of the gameplay.

The Largest Paintball Playground in Bogor West Java, a Paintball Playground with a natural concept that is set in such a way as to be a real battlefield, referring to the guerrilla fighting style as described earlier, namely an open war method between shrubs and trees with a fast movement, maneuver swiftly to move from one place to the next, be careful, man, don’t get shot.

We Also Provide Services Outside Our Areas, ok, in the sense that with a certain number of participants we are ready to come and present the Paintball Games Program at Your Location, Call the number listed to ask directly and confirm all your needs regarding the activity agenda you want to carry out then feel the excitement , but before that, please first learn about the meaning of the Paintball game program and service through the article below.

Paintball provider in Puncak, Bogor and Sentul

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Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – Hadena Indonesia Provides Paintball and Outbound Services in Puncak, Pancawati, Bogor, Sentul and Jakarta. As for some of the Paintball and Outbound Activities that we do outside the area such as in the City of Bandung, Banten and the Thousand Islands is one form of service that we do outside the area. Hadena Indonesia has a variety of other interesting outdoor activities that you can make as a reference and reference for your next tourist destination, offering a sensation, excitement and togetherness behind the excitement that is presented, a series of activities that are packaged into packages such as :

1. Gathering 4. Rafting 7. Training
2. Outbound 5. Offroad 8. Hiking
3. Paintball 6. Camping 9. Outing

Before we discuss more deeply about the phenomenal Paintball Game, there are also definitions, game procedures, completeness and rules for playing paintball games, it would be nice for us to take a moment to get acquainted first so that we are more familiar, Sob and Sis. Hello, Greetings Uyee … Introducing us is Hadena Indonesia, an Indonesian tourism service company based in Bogor, we are engaged in the management of events entitled Adventure-based Special Interest Tourism.

So for those of you who really like adventure activities, are thirsty for challenges and like to seek sensations, congratulations on you are in the right place, Hadena Indonesia which is part of a unitary management rather than Hadena Indo Group as a system that houses several other divisions with a level of focus including Hadena Adventure and Hadena Experience which are ready to assist you in gaining sensation and realizing your deepest interests in venturing adventurous desires, Uyeah … i feel so excited.

Paintball and Completeness

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body protector
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Paintball in Puncak Bogor West Java – By The Way, do you know what Paintball is? How to Play Paintball? and Paintball Game Rules? A term in play? Now for those who don’t know here, Mimin will try to explain what Paintball is, completeness and how to play it in the article below so that you don’t stretch or don’t stretch hehe, Check This Out.

Paintball is a sport that is played in adventure tourism as a form of simulation of the war and strategy genre games using Marker Gun , which is a gun with CO2 gas containing gelatin capsules that have colorful paint in them. A guerrilla fighting simulation game as well as face to face which in addition to triggering adrenaline or being limited to being a fun game, Paintball is able to train intelligence, accuracy in acting, team building and planning strategy, try and feel the sensation.

Starting from the State in the United States, precisely in New Hampshire, using a type of weapon that was originally intended to mark or marker which means marker, is a weapon which in its time was used to mark trees and animals by forestry officials. Referring to a Paintball Games that began in 1976 and began to be initiated or popularized by a man named Charles Gaines along with several of his colleagues, until finally in the 1980s one of the companies called Daisy Manufacturing succeeded in designing and patenting a Paintball weapon that met the standards for this purpose. sports and recreation.

As for the other meaning of the Paintball Game, it is a tactical elimination game in the war genre using a special weapon where there are several ammunition pills made from gelatin which contain various colored paints as markers. , we first discuss the completeness and parts contained in the Paintball Marker Gun or a special Paintball weapon unit, friend, so that you understand better, of course, Cekidot. Let’s start with what we should wear and what we must wear before starting the Paintball Game, especially at the top, as follows :

Army Uniform

Army Uniform or what is often called Army Uniform is an army-themed suit uniform, generally striped with a cool suit, in addition to supporting safety because it is made of thick material, long-sleeved army uniforms in the form of top and subordinate suits will add to the disappointment. Your appearance, friends, to make it look more Stylist and manly like a soldier on the battlefield.

Body Protector

Body Protector is a procedure that is one of the requirements for doing Paintball Games in the realm of recreational tourism, why? because it will minimize the level of pressure the bullets are aimed at, generally in the form of a vest with a certain thickness as an effort to protect from the impact of bullets thrown at the participant’s body, apart from being a protector, the vests are usually distinguished by color as a marker of a team or team.

Goggles Mask

Google Mask or Face Helmet Protect is a protective tool that is very vital when viewed from its function, while it is made of elastic plastic material with a certain degree of flexibility and thickness which functions as a face shield from opponent’s bullets, in general its shape resembles a mask with strong protective glass. to withstand the impact of the bullet that is thrown, remember not to occasionally open or remove your face shield while in the arena, said the grandmother is dangerous.

Sport Shoes

Sport shoes or sports shoes are no less important than some of the equipment above, in this case we don’t provide shoes, friend, so please bring each one to suit your favorite size and color, in addition to making it easier for you to maneuver your shoes. It will also add to the coolness of our appearance when perpetuating the moment in front of the camera lens that is always aiming for your movements, imagine if you wear a uniform like a soldier but on flip-flops, Uyeah … I Cannot See It.

Now that’s the equipment or items that we have to wear before playing the Paintball game, apart from adding to our appearance, this completeness is also one of the safety procedures in the realm of agility-based recreational tourism that we must obey so that things don’t happen that don’t happen. You want it, friend, Have Fun Go Man.

Paintball and Airsoft Gun, it’s Same?

perbedaan paintball dan airsoft gun
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Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – If you ask what is the same between Paintball and Airsoft Gun? So we will explain as follows, Airsoft Gun is a low-power wind weapon that is included in the 1: 1 scale toy weapon class resembling the original weapon, while there are differences in the technical work of Airsoft Gun and Paintball Marker where Airsoft Gun users are required to have ownership of a special permit regulated by the Perkapolri law 8/2012 Article 4 Paragraph 4 which is functionally only used for the purpose of shooting sport under the auspices of Perbakin. Airsoft Gun has a wind pressure of 0.5 to 1.5 joules with a low psi level, so what’s the difference with a Paintball Gun? ok we discuss in the next paragraph.

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Paintball, refers to a recreational-based agility sport using medium-sized round bullets made of galatine or a capsule-making material in which there is colored paint, Paintball was originally used as a marker that is shot at trees and animals, Marker Gun / Paintball Gun has a higher pressure. higher than the Airsoft Gun produced from Carbon Dioxide (Co2) in its placement using a special pressure tube, currently Paintball is a sport as well as a recreational vehicle with an educational theme by taking the concept of a tactical simulation scenario of ground combat elimination with various game methods.

Paintball Marker and it’s Function

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part paintball marker

Paintball guns or often referred to as Marker Guns are a sports weapon unit that is specialized in Paintball games, let’s go to the parts contained in a Paintball Marker / Special Weapon for Paintball Sports along with its functions, let’s peel one off-one :

Grip Holder

Grip Holder or handrail is part of the Paintball Marker Gun unit which functions as a holder or handheld area, a handle for us to hold, grip, direct and use the weapon where there is a trigger area and a safety control button, a handle that we must hold properly and correct in order to be able to aim the weapon precisely which is meant to be able to hit the target or target perfectly.

Safety Button

Safety Button or Safety Button is an important part of a weapon unit, which functions as a protective active and inactive performance on a weapon, the Safety Button is made with the aim of maintaining safety from someone’s negligence in order to minimize the level of carelessness and as protection from accidental elements of the trigger. the depressed. The Safety Button will lock the trigger or Trigger of a weapon when it is not being used.


Trigger, which means the trigger in the realm of weapons, functions to fire or can be interpreted as a trigger for a bullet, Trigger is directly related to the performance of a weapon in carrying out the process of throwing ammunition, the Trigger itself will determine when the bullet will be spewed out. In accordance with its vital function for the performance of a weapon, the safety button mentioned earlier is made, namely the Safety Button to protect the trigger area from being accidentally pressed.


Magazine is a medium or a place where we put a few rounds of ammunition or in simple language is a container where we fill bullets or it can also be called a loader, Magazine or a place where bullets are contained in a Paintball Gun can be filled with approximately 200 to 250 ammunition rounds that are ready to be shot, an ammunition container which is usually made of plastic with a cover on the top for us to enter ammunition pellets based on its capacity.


The scope is a binoculars or in our everyday language, it is commonly referred to as kekeran which is generally used to align and function to align the direction of the weapon’s aim to a target or a tool to make the exact aiming direction so that it is right on the targeted target, the scope is a a straight pull benchmark tool that serves as a reference in firing a shot in the intended direction so that it doesn’t miss, the scope itself can be interpreted as an accurate aiming tool in shooting sports or target shooting.

Air Tank Co2

The high-pressure Co2 tank, is a tube that is specialized to accommodate carbon dioxide gas which is placed on the weapon seen attached to the rear area of ​​the Paintball Gun, a tube that serves as a propulsion to fire the bullet grains from a Paintball Gun, a special pressure tube which if the pressure is getting full, the faster the ejection power or pressure booster is produced and can reach a distance of several tens of meters with a certain accuracy value according to the type and capacity used in that type.

How to play paintball in non-competitive tourism

cara bermain paintball

Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – As for how to play paintball in the realm of non-competitive recreational tourism, it is a means of supporting activities for Gathering, Outbound and Training activities, an activity that is full of fun, excitement and togetherness. In general, Paintball is formed from a communication, strategy and accuracy in acting, so from there you can conclude how the game will flow. In this case the participants who are involved in the game must form a synergy, solidarity and good teamwork in order to win a match.

Paintball Rules

Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – There are several rules in the Paintball Game that you can choose according to the agreement, there are two types of rules that are commonly used or Paintball Game Methods in the Realm of Recreational Tourism , a rule in Paintball Games that prioritizes safety but does not reduce The level of excitement, there are two regulatory methods that are often used, namely Terminator and Territorial Defend, which we will explain below.

Tutorial Defend

The defending tutorial which means defending territory, is a rule in the Paintball game in a certain period of time where the participant must try to control the opponent’s area or territory without being shot, while taking the opponent’s flag embedded in each base is the main goal to win, will There is an agreement that if one of the participants is shot, in terms of 3x the point count, you don’t have to leave the arena as long as ammunition is still available, make good use of your ammunition.


Terminator is a rule in the Paintball Games where within a certain period of time the participants must successfully shoot bullets properly, namely hitting the opponent’s limb, if there is a participant or opponent who is hit by a bullet it will be declared dead or game over and must immediately leave the arena, so be careful. Be careful in maneuvering your way through your opponent’s fortress and make good use of ammunition, greetings one shoot one kill.

Paintball Games There Should Not You do

  • Removing the Face Shield ( Google Mask )
  • Less than 3 meters or too close together
  • Picking up bullets that have been thrown
  • Shoots Enemies from the Opponent’s Back Area
  • Shoot Too Close, Just Say Freez
  • Dishonest if hit or unsportsmanlike
  • Shouting Harsh Words Against Opponents

Paintball terminology

Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – The following are some of the terms in the Paintball Game ( Non-Competitive Tourism Realm ) which refer to an instruction that you must understand as participants with a steel mentality who are ready to fight on the battlefield, let’s discuss one by one briefly, concisely and clearly so that you can understand easily before you play the game.

Paintbal term; Hit

Hit which means being hit is a scream as a sign if you or other participants are hit and ask for privacy to leave the area, as for the rules that use the terminator method where the shot is declared dead or game over, now it’s different from the defend territorial game method where participants just go back to the base or the back line to recover and resume the game.

Paintbal Term; Freez

The term freez or which means silence / freezing is shouted if there are two participants who are close to each other, where one of the participants who is most dominant in breaking through the defense is obliged to shout the word freez so that it is not shot because the distance is too close, why? because in the realm of non-competitive Paintball Games, the safe distance shooting ranges from 4 to 5 meters against each other, in the sense that if it is too close it will be a little dangerous, don’t worry there is a referee assisted by several crews who always control your movements so that the pace of the game remains safe and fun.

Paintbal Term; Check

You can shout the word check if we feel about a target or target (opponent) but the other participant or opponent does not feel affected or can also deliberately not admit it, in this case the referee is obliged to check it and the term check only applies where This condition is indeed true, a condition in which we feel very confident about the right limb of another participant or opponent and the bullet is in a broken condition and marks the area of ​​the body which is marked with the color of the paint contained in the bullet grains.

Paintbal Term; Break

Break is one of the final or magic words from a referee to momentarily stop the time or pace of the game, in order to provide a pause because there is something that must be emphasized, a condition where there is something that signals a procedural error from the participant, as for the signal. there is a rule that is violated, it can also be shouted by a referee if there is a problem that occurs with a weapon or what is commonly referred to as a trouble marker.

From here you understand what are the terms in a paintball game, a shout that emphasizes something where each participant must and must follow all the rules set, all of which is done to smooth the flow of the game itself so that everything goes well and as an anticipatory step so that things don’t happen out of control.

Meaning and Benefits of the Game of Paintball

Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – There is a positive value or meaning that we can take and apply its benefits, as for a Paintball Game that we held in Puncak Bogor, to be precise in Tugu Utara Village, Kec. Cisarua, Kab. Bogor has an army nuance concept, there is a momentum for us to build a good synergy among all the players who are members of a team or group. Benefits of Paitball , Hadena Indonesia has 5 Contained Meanings and 5 Positive Value Benefits that we insert into the flow of guerrilla-style Paintball Game, some of which are as follows :


Leadership in the flow of the Paintball Game is the ability to control situations using leadership methods that are useful for building an overall character to be more structured, the ability to lead to personal potential in facing challenges that are increasingly facing, can foster self-confidence that is full of enthusiasm and courage, while there is the ability to innovate in all situations, speed in thinking, accuracy in acting and being able to make the most relevant decisions appropriately.

Team Building

Team building is a form of unifying the vision and mission of all participants or groups in achieving a goal, while there are targets that must be pursued through building a synergy and communication network in a group which is expected to be able to fill each other’s weaknesses with each other’s strengths. , complement each other and can do everything possible by relying on a teamwork and cohesiveness and can establish good communication in order to achieve a victory.

Strategy Planning

Strategy Planning is the ability to design a strategy or plan something you want to achieve, usually starting from an idea that is presented to the audience in a team or group, the ability to participants themselves to be able to appreciate every idea and idea, the ability which aims to further improve the graphics in a better direction and refers to a method of developing a value towards an achievement.


Teamwork is a form of cooperation that starts from a close relationship and a sense of responsibility in uniting views in achieving an achievement, creating a form of cohesiveness that will be very useful within the scope of an organization or a group where there is a network of cooperation in a development process, a high sense of solidarity is formed so that it is expected to have a positive influence in the scope of the organization and group where it can form a competent network containing potential individuals.


Togetherness or togetherness is the ability to create a friendship in a condition where each participant is required to build communication, give direction and care for one another, as for can provide mutual enthusiasm and positive input as a form of motivation, so that it is hoped that the participants who are in a group or team can build a sense of brotherhood that is more closely intertwined than before.

Price of Paintball Package in Puncak Bogor West Java

Paintball at Puncak Bogor west Java – The price of the Puncak paintball package, the Paintball Game Package that we hold in Puncak Bogor is differentiated according to the amount of ammunition used during the match, but don’t worry Sob / Sis because you can increase the number of bullets through Additional Reload which is sold in the package, you guys You can also customize the Paintball Activity by combining it with several other activity packages to make it more varied and memorable, for example, if you combine several other Outdoor Activities programs between Paintball Games such as Fun Games, Team Building, Offroad or Rafting, you just have to request to us. Well, here is a list or price list for the Paintball Package that we hold in the Puncak Bogor area :

Package P01



# 030-0172



Paintball Games



40 Pcs



Evergreen Villages



Equipment and Snacks



10 Pax



IDR. 165K / Pax

Package P02



# 030-0172



Paintball Games



100 Pcs



Evergreen Villages



Equipment and Snacks



10 Pax



IDR. 265K / Pax

Conclusion of The Paintball Games

Paintball at Puncak Bogor West Java – Are you sure you’re not interested? It’s very exciting to gais the plot of the Paintball Game entitled War And Survival Games which we held in the Bogor Region, West Java, Indonesia. A game that is full of positive values, meanings and benefits, an outdoor activity that we have packaged and explained in a straightforward manner in this article. You can find out more about Paintball Games from some of the articles we post on this site to make it an information and reference before you decide to do it.

Hadena Indonesia is an Indonesian Tourism Service Company located in Puncak Bogor, engaged in Event Management and Adventure-based Special Interest Tourism, Hadena Indonesia, entitled Adventure Experience, is ready to facilitate all your needs. in venturing adventurous desires to reach the deepest sensations of interest, Greetings and success always to you adventurous souls who are thirsty for challenges, Go Adventure And Get Your Experience.

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