Human Resource Training And Development

Human Resources Training or what is known as Human Resources Development is a method of self-development to become a potential personal figure, There is Outbound Material as part of the Human Resource Training and Development Method held by a company in Puncak Bogor with the theme Experiential Learning. A form of training method as an effort to develop human resources within the scope of a company towards the process of improving the performance of all employees.

Outbound material contained in the Human Resources (HR) Training Program / Method is a series of learning activities through the Simulative Method in delivering information that contains educational meaning, in addition to being part (input) of the Human Resources Development Program which refers to the term Experiential Learning, Outbound It can also be used as an alternative to performers in an educational tour, for example the Outbound in the framework of a Gathering Tour contains a series of interesting activities that are useful for building togetherness and excitement behind the meaning contained therein.

Useful Knowledge is a Science in The Right Place

Outbound based on activities can be adjusted thematically referring to company needs, achievement targets and implementation systems. There are a variety of exciting, interesting and educational activities in a series of activities, the Outbound content contained in the Human Resources training program entitled Experiential Learning is an ornament that is full of meaning, a learning method which we will discuss in detail in the next paragraph.

There are two categories in the HR Training Program, namely, Macro HR which refers to Age vulnerable in the Context of Productivity and Micro HR which refers to the ability of an individual in a Position, Division, Position and Field of Work. Basically, training is needed to improve the quality of a person (employee) in the process of developing a company.

Before discussing more about Human Resources Development ( HRD ) let us first examine some of the elements contained in it. What is Experiential Learning? Then the Benefits of Outbound etc. As previously mentioned, Experiential Learning is a series of learning activities using a simulative method in delivering information in which there are various activities that result in an experience, then what are the goals in holding outbound and experiential learning activities, bro? The Outbound Program contained in the Experiential Learning themed HR Training Method aims to improve the quality of a person by exploring every potential that is contained within himself, As for the application process, Outbound in the realm of the Human Resources Training Program itself must be based on the will and desire. from participants to make themselves a person with quality and potential through a variety of interesting activities in the form of providing materials, completing missions and challenges that are packaged into a game, of course, as a whole we have packed it nicely in order to create a memorable moment.

Training Program; Outbound And Benefits

What is Outbound? Outbound is a learning method that is carried out to form a character where there is a series of activities in it, Outbound aims to improve one’s quality by exploring every potential that exists within oneself, In accordance with the HR implementation strategy that is sought. The process of implementing the Outbound Human Resources Training and Development Program itself must be based on the willingness and desire of the participants to become a person with quality and potential. HR Training Program, remembering that this is a form of learning activity, so each participant must be based on a strong desire and determination to turn into a potential personal figure. Prepare yourself and mentally to take part in a series of Activity Programs and Training Methods in Resource Development. Humans turn to potential personalities.

Benefits of Outbound in HR Training Methods? When viewed from its activities, Outbound Activities / Outbound Programs are very, very useful, especially for someone who really wants to develop, the implementation of the Outbound Program in the Human Resources Development method will produce its own exciting moments, there is a value of togetherness that exists among all the participants and also cheerful laughter in the arrangement of the material given. Hadena Experience combines several elements of Outbound which are poured into the HR Training Method, basically the entire Outbound Program, both Soft Skills and Hard Skills, is full of meaning and provides millions of benefits apart from the form of excitement and togetherness that it presents, Oh yes Sob … Outbound according to Level and Category can be divided into two, the following is the understanding :


Outbound level 1 or Soft Skill is an Outbound activity that is carried out for personal and interpersonal development which is usually in the form of several game programs for basic abilities of individual and group skills, Outbound games in the Soft Skill category are packaged in such a way that we don’t need excessive physical activity to do it.


Outbound level 2 or Hard Skill is an Outbound activity that is carried out for the technical ability of mastery of a field or someone’s professional placement so that it is easy to do and can be applied in everyday life, usually the outbound activity is focused on one’s skills so speed and accuracy are needed in acting.

Outbound, as light as any activity that is served in it, if it is examined more deeply, it can provide a positive value, a small example that was mentioned earlier, namely in the Ice Breaking session contained in a Fun Games Program, besides providing a form of excitement in breaking the atmosphere, There are several exciting activities that are full of meaning, namely creating togetherness, eliminating rigidity in interaction, building a communication relationship and being able to forge closer friendships, of course there are many more benefits if you are interested in exploring them. So from there, at least you understand, friend, the goals and benefits of Outbound which are an element in a Human Resources Development / Human Resources Training method, so that the entire flow of Outbound Activities is presented as an element or ornament in the Human Resources Training program and method. you can absorb the maximum and be you as potential individuals.

Training Program; Build a Leadership Spirit

Teamwork and Leadership is a training method that aims to build / train a spirit of leadership, one of the points of Simulative Learning that is presented in a series of Experiential Learning Programs that are useful for forming a strong character, forming a potential personality and can provide motivation that will be very useful in the room. scope of daily life, company organizations and institutions.

Experiential Learning with Outbound in Puncak Bogor, Hadena Experience offers learning packages with mountain nuances, in addition to forming potential personalities, it also aims to create good synergies among employees in the company space, facilitate communication and build an instinct of cohesiveness which of course can provide a positive energy that can be applied in the work environment and in everyday life.

Training Program; Human Resources Development

Human Resources Training Programs – Was It Helpful? Of course, Human Resources or HR for short, in the process is a training and development method (Training and Development) to form a strong character, a potential personality, and provide a motivation. This training program is certainly very useful, especially for a company scale in the development process through improving employee performance. There is an Outbound Element which becomes a particle in the method of implementing a training program which is alleged to form a creative mindset, shape character, explore potential etc. There are several factors which are the objectives of holding a training program which must be achieved in the process, including work productivity, efficiency, minimal errors, service quality, capacity building and leadership.

Training Program; 8 Methods HR Development

Each individual involved in Human Resources Training will be given some material in the form of an attractively packaged Simulation Program, a form of interaction, a learning method that is delivered directly to be practiced in everyday spaces based on several elements important in the effort to form a person which we will discuss one by one later, bro.

Hadena Experience has 8 Treatment / Training Methods as an Effort in Developing Human Resources which refers to Experiential Learning, a program that is presented to provide motivation to someone in their daily sphere, as well as to groups and organizations that refer to mental strengthening, characteristics, internal awareness. cooperation, brotherhood, mindset, innovation, communication, ability and unified vision, here are 8 Benefits and Important Elements contained in the Human Resource Training and Development Method entitled Experiential Learning :

1. Personality

Personality is a person’s ability to place personality in a condition, a person’s ability to interact, both with the environment and with fellow individuals according to the context, as for the form of ethics that refers to a person’s personal ability to examine, introspect and correct for deficiencies in a company. would place someone of the right ability and usually referred to an adjective.

2. Confidence

Build Your Cofidence is an attitude in personality that refers to self-confidence in an ability, existence and ability. The form of mental development and character of a person / individual who is basically born into this world with millions of potentials, forms a strong character and desires to reveal his identity more, can explore his potential and instill a mind where the belief that we can, and will get used to it.

3. Inovation

Innovation / Innovation Mindset is an ability to process in the space of developing creativity for a creation and the desire to improve a form of skill that refers to the realm of innovation / renewal which has a desire to develop and develop, always has constructive ideas and ideas and capabilities. studying so as to produce something that is more useful and better than before, of course based on a knowledge, understanding and analysis.

4. Leadership

Leadership or what is known as the Soul of Leadership is an ability in a person to express opinions, on the contrary to be a good listener, charismatic and can unite various thoughts and summarize a diversity of views. Leadership in the process can influence a handful of people or groups to achieve a desired goal, have high morality, are wise and can respect an idea that comes from the environment and match it for progress.

5. Communication

Communication / Communication Network is a form of one’s own ability to a delegation process or the ability to convey appropriate information to a person or to a group which aims to establish an understanding and closeness that results in harmony, common vision and mission in an environment / network that is expected to be form of harmony in building a good synergy in a positive work environment.

6. Ability

Ability is a form of one’s awareness in placing oneself based on their ability to do something, being able to adapt to a space where they are needed, armed with talents and expertise one must be able to create useful and useful skills for the surrounding environment based on their understanding and knowledge, Ability. also related to several other elements as previously described, such as Confident and Personality.

7. Teamwork

Teamwork is the ability in a person to collaborate and process within the scope of togetherness in order to develop a method towards an achievement, be able to place oneself as part of a form of cohesiveness and can unite in a diversity of visions in achieving a goal, build a strong foundation to support wholeness and instill awareness of the meaning of togetherness and can be a role model in making decisions.

8. Strategi Planning

Strategy Planning / initiator is the ability of oneself to a placement in planning, being able to express ideas and ideas that are useful for building and developing a system or management in order to achieve success in achieving an expected target or target, so that it is expected to spur a motivation in order to achieve all the desires and goals to be achieved, of course, with a structured concept and a measurable system.

Human Resources Training Center in Puncak Bogor

There are several interesting places in Puncak Bogor, West Java that we can use to hold Events / Training Programs and Human Resources Development, shaping ourselves into potential personalities.

Outdoor Activities For HR Training Complement

There are a variety of interesting outdoor activities in the Puncak Bogor area that we can make as fillers in human resource development practices, an activity that is full of meaning behind the excitement and excitement that is presented. Outdoor activities that can support an HR Training Program so that it becomes a memorable moment, a momentum where there are various elements in addition to the learning methods that are obtained, here are some exciting activities that you can use as a reference in filling out the training agenda in Puncak, Bogor Regency. , West Java.

Paintball Games

Paintball is a sports game of dexterity that carries the genre of war and strategy games, which is a type of game in an arena of war that uses tactical elimination and strategy, this game requires communication that combines elements of dexterity and accuracy in action. Paintball Games, in playing Paintball we are required to build a good synergy and solid cohesiveness, especially when trying to maneuver through enemy territory, when the paintball game takes place we need a code and coordinates that are conveyed as commands or instructions in the form of very deep communication advise to protect us so as not to become the target of the opponent and target. You can make Paintball War And Strategy Games as a filler for activities in Human Resources Training because there are several values ​​or meanings for character building, leadership spirit, communication, planning strategies and accuracy in acting.

Hiking Mountain Adventure

Hiking is an adventure-type travel trip, namely climbing activities exploring the hills between the natural splendors of the mountains in which there is a Trekking Path to the top referring to the height and climbing cliffs, Hiking / Trekking is usually done by a nature lover and adventure hobbyist. Hiking in its activities, Hiking or Trekking can be used as a filling activity for Outdoor activities in the Human Resource Development Method, there is value or meaning of effort in achieving achievement, mental strengthening behind fatigue, confidence in reaching footsteps and working hand in hand in the scope of togetherness in providing help along the way and motivation as encouragement. Is there an adventurous spirit that sticks to your body, comrades …

White Water Rafting

Rafting or what we know as White Water Rafting is an outdoor activity in the adventure genre, namely river rafting using boat media, let’s peel a little of its history, Rafting / Rafting in Indonesia started in 1970, Rafting is included in the category of Current Sports Deras (ORAD) which is popular with some of our friends from the Bandung and Jakarta nature lovers community. Now, this outdoor activity can be used as an alternative as a filler in the Human Resources Training Program because in its activities, Adventure Rafting can provide a mental courage in fighting fear while passing through several rapids, there is a value of concern in the context of providing a motivation for all colleagues not to be afraid and can provide a sense of security, comfort, trust and confidence in achieving a goal like leadership or a spirit of leadership.

Hadena Indonesia; Go Adventure And Get Your Experience

Hadena Indonesia is a tourism service company in Indonesia entitled Adventure Experience which is located in Puncak Bogor, engaged in Event Management and Adventure-based Special Interest Tourism such as Gathering, Paintball, Outbound, Rafting, Offroad and Camping. There are several divisions that are covered by the Management of Hadena Indonesia Group, namely Hadena Adventure and Hadena Experience which structurally play a role in supporting all forms of activities from Hadena Indonesia which make it a whole and powerful unified management system.

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