Hiking Trails in Puncak Bogor West Java

The Best Hiking Trails, Hiking places in Puncak Bogor West Java that you must visit, There are Hiking / Trekking Trails in the Puncak, Bogor and Sentul to vent your adventurous desires in climbing activities, some of which are Lereng Paseban, Curug Tujuh, Puncak Kencana, Cisadon Hill and Situ Rawa Gede in Sentul, Bogor.

Before going any further, it would be nice for us to take a moment to get to know and greet each other, Hello… Introducing our Sob / Sis, who carries the Hadena Indonesia Group brand titled Adventure Experience, is an adventure based tourism activist with a position in Puncak, Bogor, West Java. Our mission is to make it easy for you wandering souls to walk the trail of adventurers.

Hiking is an adventure-type travel trip, which is a climbing activity exploring the hills between the natural splendors of the mountains in which there is a Trekking Path to the top heights and climbing cliffs. Hiking / Trekking is usually done by a nature lover and adventure hobbyist, Here we will briefly discuss some of the most popular hiking trails and spots around the city of Bogor, a place where there is a trekking route that we can use in climbing activities, there are also several spots. The famous loch gais waterfall, Uyeah… more exited.

1. Lereng Paseban; Nice Places For Hiking in Puncak Bogor

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Hiking Trails and Spots in Puncak Bogor, Tracking the trail of the adventurer in the wilderness of the Paseban Forest, which stands firmly among the splendor of Mount Pangrango, which offers a panoramic beauty of the universe in parts of Bogor City, West Java. There are several mountains that support the existence of the forest area (Paseban, 1,380+ masl), namely Mount Garungsang with a peak height of 1,140+ masl, Mount Malang with an altitude of 1,390+ masl on the north side, Mount Kencana in the east with an altitude of 1,790+. Masl and several of them.

Paseban, is the term for a village located in the mountains of the city of Bogor, to be precise in the village of Megamendung, an area where it shows its existence among the boisterous pine trees and their natural beauty, & nbsp; You can take the Paseban slopes through Kp. Abuya is full of Islamic culture, the Situhiang road is the access you will go through before entering the Paseban village. Come on, let’s take a moment to step aside from the glittering city where there is a village that is full of biodiversity and diverse ecosystems. Like the names of most places in Tatar Pasundan (Sundanese Land) always refer to an existence, meaning, uniqueness, excellence and events which are then embedded into a name of the place, one of the traditional forms of local wisdom culture in interpreting a location so that it becomes a characteristic and uniqueness of its own, really inspiring gais.

The Paseban Forest or what is often called the Paseban Slope is proof of God’s majesty in pouring out his love for all mankind, especially those in Tatar Pasundan (Sundanese Land) with its cultural and artistic attachments, like a work of landscape architecture that sprinkles charm in every eye that looks at it. and invite the audience to go on it, Ayee… I’m speechless.

Lereng Paseban, a tourist area located in the highlands of Bogor Regency, is often used as a place to satisfy adventurous souls in devoting their love for the hobby of exploring nature, Why? Investigate the story, because in that area there are a lot of trekking paths that we can explore with all the beauty of the life in it, Hayati Tired Bro? Oops, that’s not Hayati Person Sis.

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That afternoon on Lereng Paseban, when viewed from the point of view of its existence, Paseban was dominated by forest areas with natural contours in the form of valleys and hills that towered like the king’s throne decorated with a crown with biodiversity like an elegant and beautiful empress to the eye. On January 9, 2021, at seven o’clock we started climbing with three young girls with beautiful faces filled with adventurous desire, Sis Riska is one of them, while among the three girls there are two handsome men with trendy style with contemporary glasses that look elegant and full of confidence and careful preparation, it can be seen from the number of supplies pinned to his backpack, Rek Kamana Atuh Gaya… Said Kang Arnas ( Javanese Language ), one of my climbing companions, jokingly and they laughed between signs and lack of understanding of Sundanese. Paseban, really a charming blend like a hike in the scope of a tropical forest in the jungle of Borneo, Uyeah… shouted Sis Riska excitedly.

Paseban History

Paseban, a name that is attached to a village behind a sparkling city where several heads of families live by farming and raising several animals, while the meaning of Paseban itself according to the views of some figures refers to the distinction of the word Saba-Pasabaan which can be interpreted as a Singah-Stopover Place, with all due respect and humility, apologize if there is an error in the translation of the articulation.

The Legend Kiara Trees

There is a legendary tree in the area, a tree that has been the prima donna of a long time ago, Kiara Kolong, as the local community calls it. Located in the north from the existence of the famous waterfall, namely Curug Panjang, Kiara Kolong is a designation that is attached to a tree of the Kiara type or known by the Latin name Ficus Benjamina , a tree with a large posture with several trunks the muscular ones form roots as the support for its existence on the earth, So… Why is it called Kiara Kolong? That’s because the tree trunks seem to be split in half so that they form a hole in the middle (like a hole) which seems like a gate to his world, Oops, how come it gets goosebumps, bro… i Feel So Creepy, Palalun… is a word in Javanese Language.

Lereng Paseban Route Of Hiking

Lereng Paseban is one of the locations that you can make your next tourist destination, adventure-based nature tourism which refers to exploring the forest where there are several interesting spots in it such as Curug Panjang waterfall, Curug Naga and Curug Cibulao with their respective advantages that we can explore. its existence, we will discuss two of them, we will take the most popular one, friend, there is also a trekking path for us to explore and cliffs for you to climb. Uyeah… Is there an adventurous spirit still attached in your body?

Curug Panjang Waterfall

Curug Panjang, there is a charm of beauty that is presented from the river flow in the area, its beauty has made it an attraction for tourists, it can be seen from the many visits from local and foreign tourists, Hade Pisan. Curug Panjang Waterfall with a waterfall pool with a diameter of 8+ meters, whose existence has made a name for itself in the Paseban Forest area.

Curug is a river flow that is formed due to a fracture of the earth so that there is a waterfall of water or it can also be caused by a cluster of erosion that occurs in a river that flows over a layer of soil or rock.

Nature Tourism with all the advantages and clarity of water that slides from the rocky slopes of 18+ meters, is called Curug Panjang because there are several waterfalls that have derivatives, namely Curug Naga, Curug Barong, Curug Priuk and Curug Orok. Curug Panjang is the name pinned to a tourist area located on the slopes of Mount Paseban with the superiority of its attractiveness and activities, Continue to the Next Track.

Curug Cibulao Waterfall

So here it is, a waterfall which is the upstream of several rows of waterfalls that are in one river which refers to the descent of Curug Panjang. Curug Cibulao , according to some information from the surrounding community, it has its original name / previous designation known as Curug Hulu, Paseban Society, namely residents who inhabit the Paseban Slope (Kp. Paseban) area making Curug Hulu one of the a source of water for residents who live around the Paseban village to meet household and agricultural needs. So why is it called Curug Cibulao? Maybe it’s because Curug Cibulao refers to the color of the water that looks bluish sparkling like the color of bulao, you are guaranteed to want to dive in, friend when you arrive at the scene, Lets Check it out.

2. Curug Tujuh Cilember; Tracking To Seven Waterfall

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Curug Tujuh Cilember, stands majestically on an area of ​​7+ hectares located in Jogjogan Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency, Cilember Curug or often called Curug Tujuh Waterfall is under the management of RPH Cipayung, KPH Bogor. Curug Tujuh Cilember Waterfall is located at an altitude of 900+ masl with a generally hilly field contour, this area has an air temperature between 20dc. In addition to waterfall tourism objects, Curug Tujuh Cilember also has a loch buddy butterfly breeding ground, called Taman Kupu-Kupu, here visitors or tourists can learn about various kinds of butterfly species contained in it.

Curug Tujuh Cilember is one of the waterfall tourism objects located in Bogor Regency, this Nature Tourism Object which is located in Cisarua District is about 15+ Km from Bogor City and can be reached within 30 to 40 minutes. Curug Tujuh Cilember has its own uniqueness because this tourist attraction has 7 waterfalls, So that’s the reason why it is called Curug Tujuh. The charm of the beauty of Curug Tujuh (7 Waterfalls, pronunciation in Sundanese) with its rich ecosystem, once you enter the gate, you will be greeted by the first waterfall and so on until finally arriving at the top and meeting the last waterfall known as the name Curug Tujuh.

Hiking Trails in Puncak Bogor West Java, Curug Tujuh Cilember Tourism Object is a tourist forest area filled with Agathis, Rasamala and Pinus plants, potentially from a visual point of view (Landscape) to get to the location of Curug Seven is quite interesting to make Hiking / Trekking activities because it has beautiful natural scenery that is amazing around it. Being in an area that has distinctive characteristics with its forest plants and a panoramic view of coolness, brings serenity, Exciting also for Ngadem and Selfy Ceria Sis. Now in the area Curug Tujuh it can also be used for Camping Activities, it is an activity where we set up a tent and decorate it with the light of a campfire and its warmth, for those of you who want to camp here, there are two campsites available. you can use.

Curug Tujuh Hiking Route

Curug Tujuh Cilember, Trekking to the seventh waterfall … There is a shower with the highest rapids reaching approximately 30 meters, Wow That’s Awesome… Curug (Waterfall) is the most visited or the most popular is the fourth waterfall, why? It is said that based on rumors circulating, because in the fourth waterfall it is believed to be efficacious as a remedy for youth, Sae Pisan Ya Sis, as well as the assumptions circulating that it can accelerate mates and can also cure several diseases, Glorious God with all his Power Right above the location of waterfall 7 there is a sacred tomb, which at certain times is often visited by pilgrims seeking blessings. According to history this tomb is the tomb of Embah Jaya Sakti who still has the lineage of Prabu Siliwangi, the famous Pajajaran Kingdom in West Java.

According to the story, it is said that Curug Tujuh Cilember was a bathing place for the angels (beautiful princesses from heaven) who came down to earth to clean themselves at the fourth Pancuruan, Uyeah … Amazing Pisan Gais. The available facilities are also quite complete in this area, there are guard posts, work huts, ticket booths, hiking trails, parking lots, toilets, shelters, natural seating, information rooms and there are lots of trash bins, remember don’t litter .

3. Puncak Kencana; Climbing Through Sambalado Hills

trekking di sentul bogor

Gunung Kencana, have you climbed Puncak Kencana? It is the highest plateau of Mount Kencana which is located in the Puncak ​​Bogor, so sometimes you have to try it, friend. You will be surprised when you go through the climbing route, because from here you can see a very charming view, namely Mount Gede Pangrango which is beautiful and charming, I am enchanted to look at your beautiful face. Puncak Kencana, located at an altitude of 1,803 masl (meters above sea level), which is located in Kampung Rawa Gede, precisely in Tugu Utara Village, Cisarua District, Bogor Regency of West Java.

As for Telaga Warna which is right next to it, Mount Kencana is located in an area with Telaga Warna agro tourism and Telaga Saat 0km Ciliwung River, that’s what is viral on social media. Now if you want to go to Telaga Warna you can take the right path at the intersection, but if you want to go to Mount Kencana choose the left path, well later you will also find a cool lake called Telaga Saat.

Climbing to Puncak of Mount Kencana, you will pass several steps made of wood, now that is the fame of that location, do you know what it’s called? Tanjakan Sambalado , just like the dangdut song titled Goyang Sambalado, Tanjakan was no less exciting, Sis. You can access Mount Kencana through the main door of the Telaga Warna guard post, you can reach it by two-wheeled or four-wheeled vehicles, as long as it’s ready to rock, okay because the terrain is winding and rocky, Pull Out Sis…

Sambalado Hills

Sambala … Sambala … do … Before we do climbing activities, to reach the Kencana Base Camp from the entrance of the Telaga Warna Tourism Area you need about two hours on foot, but you won’t regret it sis, why? The Viuw is Loch … Such a view. He … He … Along the way to the Puncak Kencana area lies a vast tea garden with an enchanting green aura like a rug. So for those of you who like hiking , try to climb the summit of Mount Kencana, don’t worry, don’t worry, because here is a road sign that will guide you to the top of Kencana, Hooray … one of the participants while posing on the altitude board, Towards the Peak 1,803 masl.

Puncak Kencana Hiking Route

Other facilities that you can find are camping ground, a place where adventurers who make the climb set up tents to camp and enjoy the atmosphere of the high altitude of Mount Kencana. There is a large enough land to accommodate dozens of loch gais tents. Besides enjoying the beautiful view from the height of Puncak Kencana, you can also camp at Puncak Kencana for only Rp. 20,000 / person / night, cheap right …

Now this is the most important thing, if you want to climb the summit of Mount Kencana, it would be nice to start in the morning, Why? Kareana Sayang to spend the moment along the way to the area. Make sure before you do mountain climbing / trekking, you have to prepare sufficient supplies, great mental and physical strength, because the journey to be taken is quite long and a little challenging. Mount Kencana is perfect for new climbers / beginners because the level of difficulty is not too extrem.

4. Cisadon Hill; Explore The Hills

Sentul, of course, is familiar to travelers who come from Jakarta, Sentul is also a popular location for those who like adventure exploring the hills. Sentul is located in the Bogor Regency area, Sentul which is famous as a green area with hilly topography, which offers a variety of outdoor activities titled Nature such as hiking and trekking , Well for those of you who like challenges You can make the Bojong Koneng climbing route an alternative starting and become one of the favorite routes for climbers. Sentul, besides offering varied tracks, namely red dirt tracks, rocky to muddy paths, Uyeah … But you have to regret it, because your fatigue will be paid off by the beauty of the natural panorama along the climb.

Cisadon Hill Route Of Hiking

If you depart from Jakarta via the Jagorawi toll road then you can exit at the Sentul toll gate. Now from that route you just have to turn left and then continue to follow the directions from Google Maps by searching for Bojong Koneng, that’s the favorite location for the meeting point of the trekking route in Sentul. The Sentul Bogor area, which is not too far from Jakarta, makes the area always crowded on weekends, not only limited to busy tourist objects but also hiking / trekking routes that are viral during this pandemic. Many travelers / travelers who come here for walks to enjoy the beauty of nature, motocross trail, goes bikes are also off-road. Sentul, the choice of hiking / trekking paths is quite diverse, ranging from lightweight to extreme tracks, as previously mentioned, the Sentul hiking / trekking route is quite varied, so the Bojong Koneng route to Cisadon is one of the hiking / trekking routes that become A favorite of explorers, especially those who like trail running activities, this route is approximately 7.5 km, Uyeah … Let’s Go Beib.

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The hiking / trekking path of Bojong Koneng to Cisadon can be taken for approximately 3 hours (Casual Road) but if it is taken quickly it only takes an average of 2 hours of travel, Kamana Atuh Gaya… There is an uphill path that is also flat, aka sloping, connecting with rocky paths and muddy soil during the rainy season. Cisadon Village is located in Karang Tengah Village, Babakan Madang District, Bogor Regency. Cisadon is at an altitude of 1,100+ masl, don’t dream of being able to take an angkot to reach Cisadon Village because there is no route to get there hehe … but don’t worry because we provide an offroad unit that you can use to explore Cisadone Hill, then continue to Rawa Gede .

5. Rawa Gede Sentul; Favorite Route Of Hiking

Sentul, Situ Rawa Gede is a lake in the Sentul area, besides being famous for its waterfall collection, Sentul also has natural tourist destinations that are no less interesting, namely Situ Rawa Gede , a natural lake located in Sukamakmur District. Recently, it is increasingly popular because it is often used as a Hiking / Trekking tourist destination by wandering souls in tracing the adventurer’s footsteps. In addition to offering beautiful recreation areas at low prices, Situ Rawa Gede also has various rides in it, namely the sensation of a sailboat that you can try to go around the lake as well as camping and exploring waterfalls, everything can be done here, Sentul Gitu Loch …

Situ Rawa Gede, is a natural tourist location with natural contours of hills and swamps located in Sirnajaya Village, Sukamakmur District, Bogor Regency, under the management of youth organizations and local residents assisted by the government. Until now, this tourist area is still being developed so that its potential as a tourist destination is more optimal

Hiking Route Of Situ Rawa Gede Lake

Situ Rawa Gede, located right behind the hills of Puncak, offers a beautiful view where there is a lake with a charming hilly background that you can use to capture moments on social media, there are rice fields and several waterfalls. Now after you enjoy its natural beauty, you can also choose a cool activity to enjoy the lake directly, namely by boat or you can also ride a water bike that is available, very suitable for those of you who want to try to explore the lake area and feel the breeze that soothes the heart, Ayee… Situ Rawa Gede Hade Pisan Sob. You can also stop by the swimming pool to take a dip or fish pond for foot therapy, but remember you can’t go into the lake. Don’t forget to capture the moment of your visit at Situ Rawa Gede. Besides having a magnificent scenic background, there are several natural waterfalls that can be interesting instagramable spots for selfies, there are also a variety of beautiful facilities made for taking pictures such as a love garden and a fountain, Uyee…

The Nomad’s Pen Scratch…

It is appropriate for us wandering souls to vent their adventurous desires in climbing, exploring and fulfilling the sensation of wanting to walk in the adventurer’s footsteps, we must behave wisely in carrying out everything, practice the values ​​of eastern culture, maintain manners and participate in protecting the entire ecosystem. God has given to us as a form of love for humans.

Hadena Indonesia, Go Adventure And Get Your Experience

Hadena Indonesia entitled Adventure Experience invites you to explore the beauty of nature with several application methods, including offering the sensation of driving offroad in the jungle, preparing a porter / guide to guide trips and also offering the sensation of other adventure activities such as adventure rafting and camping.

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