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Hadena Indonesia is a tourism company in Indonesia entitled Adventure Experience which is located in Puncak Bogor, engaged in Event Management and Adventure-based Special Interest Tourism such as Gathering, Paintball, Outbound, Rafting, Offroad and Camping. There are several divisions that are covered by the Management of Hadena Indonesia Group, namely Hadena Adventure and Hadena Experience which structurally play a role in supporting all forms of activities from Hadena Indonesia which make it a whole and powerful unified management system, hade pisan.

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Tilu K-hadean

1. Easier

Hadena Indonesia is here to provide an convenience in fulfilling your deepest sensations and interests in realizing an adventure and creating a momentum of togetherness wrapped in festive nuances, in tune with the arrangements we present to give you the best memorable experience.

2. Exitement

Packing an activity in the form of excitement with a predetermined theme, we have packed a series of exciting activities into an interesting program of activities, prepare yourself and feel the excitement, Hadena Indonesia invites you and your adventurous souls to create a story with special momentum.

3. Satisfy

Producing a smile that is implied in the face, the image of a happy heart is a form of our immeasurable satisfaction when we are able to present the best for you, an extraordinary honor for Hadena Indonesia if it can collaborate with you in creating a tour on a special day. full of laughter and joy.

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Sdr. Hery

Hadena Indonesia

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Gathering in the circle of company is aims to build a good synergy through all employees in all division from the exited performed to provided a positive energy in the variety of events that we served, so we hoped from it can eliminate the saturation of work routines experienced during activities in an office or a company space.



Outbound management programs is a learning activity through interactive methods that are full of togetherness in order to make a good synergy each other and build solidarity also increase teamwork performed where you'll be trained as well to create some innovate in the face of a mission and challenges that are given.



Paintball is a combat simulation game that is very popular in Indonesia, a game that carries the war and survival genre in the arena that is designed to resemble a real battlefield where participants will be equipped with marker gun and several rounds of ammunition from rubber with various color paints inside.



Rafting offers the sensation of river adventure that will give you the best rafting experience where there are several challenging obstacles such as rocks and wild water which will stimulate your adrenaline when passing out but don't worry because you  will always be accompanied by an experienced guide.



Offroad mountain adventure is a kind of journey tour with mountain circumstances across the hills using a four wheel drive vehicle which is a designed to bulldoze wild rocky terrain and mud puddles is an extraordinary experience where we can explore and travel while enjoying the beauty of the panoramic view.



Camping is one of the interesting outdoor activities you can do, which is an activity where we will spend the night and set up a some tent in an open air which is decorated by the beauty of the natural panorama around it which will make you feel a deferent way to spen the night and waiting for the sun slip in between the trees.